How Facebook Is Changing Their Social Media News Feed in 2019

Facebook changes digital marketers should be aware of in 2019.

With an average of 1.6 billion people actively using Facebook each day, their social media platform is likely to set trends. There have been many changes to their platform as they stabilize their user experience and look for ways to enhance their social media website, but their most recent upgrade has the potential to improve the way users browse their news feed. Both developers and users are excited about the expected change. Developers are interested in bringing forth new technology while users are always looking for ways to efficiently use Facebook. Read more details on the anticipated new changes to the Facebook platform.

How Is Facebook Expected To Change Their News Feed
According to Digital Trends online, relentlessly scrolling through Facebook can become as simple as tapping a post. The social media giants are looking to create stories out of your current news feed. The new prototype will allow users to view their news feed in full-screen. Users will tap on a single post by swiping left to activate the full-screen mode. The news feed upgrade is very similar to viewing current Facebook stories. Users will be taken to the next post after six seconds of inactivity on any post. Thus, the social media giants will be turning your news feed into a story feed format.

The new story feed platform is in beta form on select Facebook accounts. Users will still have the option to interact, share, comment, and like social media news feed posts. While the new platform is underway, customers will continue to have access to saving their posts to both the news feed and story archives. The new technology will look like the news feed that’s already familiar to users with full-screen capabilities. The plan is to build a social media experience that is easier for their users and enhances the way they browse their news feed.

The new changes have not yet reached the public and will not be integrated until the widespread rollout is complete. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg suggests stories are a major part of the Facebook platform and are constantly sought out for improvements. He believes that the new changes to the social media platform could get stories in front of even more viewers. Although, new features including archiving and audio have previously been added to Facebook stories. Developers can agree there is still testing that must be done before additional changes are introduced to the public. The anticipated changes will go well for the users that want to keep the current news feed in place.

What Does The News Feed Upgrade Mean For Current Users
Facebook stories will continue to let you share your adventures. The new technology will give users a visually enhanced way to share their stories. However, advertisers are expected to benefit substantially from the enhancement to the news feed platform by getting the better placement of their ads. In fact, the privacy setting will still be in a place that allows users to choose how their news feed can be accessed by other viewers.

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