You’re Losing Money by Not Working With A Digital Marketing Agency

Do You Need Digital Marketing?

Let’s go on a quick journey. A journey through your own mind and how you do things online.

Let’s pretend you have a hot date planned tonight and you have absolutely no idea where to go. You genuinely want to make sure it’s a “fantastic” date. That means you are going to choose based on the location, the kind of food they serve, the atmosphere and the overall feeling that you and your date will get from going to that restaurant.

At one point in time not so long ago before the interwebs, you made your decision based on what your friends and family would say, fully and truly and wholeheartedly. There was a hot new restaurant you HAD to try. Or, you had a favorite place that you’d always frequent. “Old reliable”. It served the best burger around and you knew exactly what you were getting every time you went there.

And then, there was a point in time (post-internet but pre-social media, pre-google maps, apple maps, and smartphones) where you heard about a place and you did your homework on it because you could. You “looked it up” online, you searched for it, while downloading music on Napster, went to the website, and evaluated based on the photos, the menu, everything you could consume and access. You then formed a vision in your mind of what that restaurant experience would be like, and then made a decision. You actually physically picked up the phone and fat-fingered the numbers to make a reservation with your pop open 8110 Nokia Matrix phone you saw NEO use in the matrix.

Mobile and Local Search Growth

Soon after, local listings and social media took the world by storm, and you added “what do my friends think” to your deciding factors along with what the restaurant posted on their Yelp, Yellow pages, Hellopeter page.

Soon after that, mobile phones came out with location detection(GPS, GEO FENCING), and you made your decision based on all the prior variables, plus new factors, including how far of a drive it would be to get there and whether the phone number was easy to click on their website. The ability to go to their website, and or social media pages or Google maps directly after your search on Google, Bing, etc.

Some of you even started using Siri, or Google assistant. Impressive!

(By the way, make no mistake, Voice will become the most used search engine in the world within the next 5-10 years. We are already making sure that our digital presences we create and our SEO is aligned with when this happens, not if, but when. Be sure that your Digital marketing company understands this and sees this, most of them have no idea. Just want to make a quick website and host your site and run, a shocking truth we deal with every day, and they call themselves our competition, and they get the business because they are cheap! Only to dissuade excellent clients from reaching success, according to them digital marketing doesn’t work, and for them, it didn’t as they barely scratched the surface)

Maybe, if you looked up the website on your phone and the site “didn’t work on mobile” you kept looking. Hint hint.

Fast forward to the present day… Now, you can speak the word “restaurant” into your smartphone, and get a result that shows restaurants in a 3-mile radius. You read reviews, filter by price, sort by food type, cost, whether it requires shoes and a shirt, then click to “follow” the restaurant on social media, visit their website, and book a reservation right on your smart device or mobile phone.

Now, ready for me to blow your mind? This is the world as it exists for EVERY business. It’s not just restaurants. The customer service and business engagement experience (what it will be like to work with you, or buy from you) just like the “find my restaurant” experience can be felt and imagined online before a customer steps into your office.

And, since the digital portrayal of your business is what customers use to decide to buy your product or service, you should treat it with the same attention to detail as you do the sign outside your restaurant, the lobby of your office, or the way you speak to a prospect on the phone. It’s out there for people to see, and people are reading your website, talking directly about you on social media, and evaluating you as a business whether you like it or not.

“Every positive or 5 star review you get is worth potentially millions down the line, depending on the size of your business. It is the make or break of the information age”.

~ Albert Nel

Just on the same token, if you do not take your company or reputation seriously, it can all go down in flames just as quickly. Would you buy from someone with a 3 star or lower review rating? Didn’t think so.

Let’s go back to the restaurant for just a second now, if you owned that restaurant, and you watched someone walk by, then look at your storefront, ask other customers what they thought of the experience and then just keep walking on by, what would you do? You might get help from someone that can change that. You’d want to change the experience of those passer-byers so they “turn into” your restaurant and don’t just walk on by. (conversion) You’d start to test things, change the menu, work on your appearance, control what others are saying about you through being authentic. Authenticity is key on social media, people do not like normal ads anymore, it does nothing for them, and most people block them. Do you remember why you bought a DVR decoder? Yes, it was to skip the annoying ads! There goes a multi-billion dollar industry up in flames (I do understand it still works for some companies to some extent, but do you have a $50m per year budget like the big corporations do to advertise everywhere? Nope, I speak to people who can’t even afford R100 per day all the time. And yet, if they knew that they could make more than double that back at least per day by doing digital marketing, all of a sudden they have it.

The chicken came before the egg as they say, you will have to market yourself correctly, digitally to stay relevant in the information age and beyond. Boring, and obscure companies will fade away completely, you need to stand out on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube, and be ready for more new things to come along in the next coming years too.

~ Albert Nel

Guess what! This is happening with your brand EVERY DAY, EVERY MINUTE, EVERY SECOND on your website, social media, and local listing pages.

What To Look For In A Digital Agency?

So, if you’re still with me (and haven’t started making dinner plans) then I hope you are starting to freak out a bit. And if you are savvy about it, your next question or curiosity might be “I wonder who is coming to my website and social media” or “I should Google myself and see what we look like to prospects” or my favorite question “How many people are falling off when they see my site and deciding NOT to reach out or not even finding me at all?” I’m sure you’ve thought about this, but have you really done what it takes? Do you know where to start to get the measurement and insights you need to make the decisions you need to make? Contact us today for your FREE digital presence assessment:

THAT’S THE VALUE OF AN AGENCYA good digital marketing agency assumes that you are not reaching your audience and that people are constantly not filling out your form, calling you, or checking out of your eCommerce store because of some factor they have yet to determine. We know what works and has worked for others and apply them to your digital marketing. We tinker. We test. We optimize and we keep tabs on what’s new, hot and fresh and keep your digital presence up to date. This is an ongoing relationship, and it saves you time and money to let the experts handle it.

Please read our article on why digital marketing retainers are good for clients and agencies:

A good digital agency CAN give data and insights as to who is coming and going, why they are leaving, which people that come to convert more often and empower you with the tools to make changes that will increase the number of customers that do “turn in” to your business.

Let’s forget about restaurants for a second now. Let’s imagine that you are a business selling electronics or services etc.. A product cost is R1,000. You have to talk to a prospect to sell them one of your products or services, but not everyone you talk to buys from you. Really, only half do (50%). So, for every 100 people you talk to, you’ll sell 50 products and make R50,000. I hope you are following, don’t worry I hated math too until it worked for me 🙂

Now, your website gets 100 visits a day, but not every one of those visitors fills out your lead form. Really, only 1 person does every day (1% conversion rate). Maybe because they can’t find what they are looking for, the image didn’t strike them, they weren’t convinced you were the right “fit” for them, or they didn’t like/notice/see the shade of green on the button linking to “Contact Us”.  What if you changed some of those design factors such that 2 people out of 100 (2% conversion rate) a day filled out the Contact Us form. In a 30-day month, that means you’d have 30 more leads coming in. With half of those people resulting in a sale, do you realize that you would make another R15,000 per month selling your products(15 x R1,000)?

We “turned in” just one more person into your business, per day, and look at the impact it had. That’s awesome, right? Imagine if I could “turn peoples heads in the thousands”

Increased Traffic Leads to Profits

But wait…there’s more… (Thank you Verimark for that phrase that is now forever stuck in my head)

Now, since your website, and your social pages are a money-making machine, what if a digital marketing agency could increase the traffic to your website and go from 100 unique visits a day to a modest 150 a day? That means that you would get another lead a day (at a 2% conversion rate), which is another 30 leads a month. That’s another R15,000 a month.

Summing up, with a little bit of love and attention to the site or social media presence, we’ve boosted your monthly sales by R30K. Ok, so maybe all of that isn’t profit. Maybe your gross profit percentage is 30%, so we really only made another R9K a month for you. But, the steps needed to make those improvements and get more traffic most likely are not going to cost you R9K. Digital Marketing is an investment, not an expense, and almost always returns more than double at least of your ad spend.

(Please note this does not include initial setup, re-design and development costs, only ad spend)

All of this means that by not working with a Digital Marketing / Conversion Optimization Agency your opportunities likely just keep “walking on by”, meaning you are leaving new clients, more money browsing the web for your competitors to snatch right up. We know. It’s hard to care when you don’t see them coming and going, but we’d be happy to show you how much money you are leaving on the table. And even better, we’ll work with you to make the key edits to your website, social media and all other relevant digital places to increase your conversion rate and draw in some serious additional traffic.

Simply email us your business and contact details, and we will get back to you with a full assessment and plan of action to get you profitable. Or just simply open up a messenger or WhatsApp chat with me

Albert Nel
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