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Hi my name is Albert Nel,  and I want to be your personal digital and social media marketing specialist.  I enjoy doing business with people who are serious about their companies, helping other people and that understand that digital marketing is not an expense, but an investment.  What I do is simply handle the entire process for you, I do my research, I thoroughly assess your competition, and then I go to work on making ad campaigns and lead generation system for your business that works!

There is nothing as fulfilling as seeing a company going from no sales to literally 20 – 60 paying clients in 2-4 weeks time.  Its changes peoples lives.  I simply apply wisdom and knowledge, and truly look into their business, how they get sales and what their perfect customers look like and then get the attention from those audiences, and optimize as our relationship grows.

If you are in need of a digital marketing hand to hand combat specialist, I am ready to assist you, let’s turn your business into a automated lead generating and beautiful masterpiece that people want to be part of.

I am sincerely looking forward to working with you!

What are my qualifications?

These are just some of the multitude of certifications our company has, please visit my personal LinkedIN page to view all my other web development and IT certifications.  I consider my client reviews to be my best qualifications,  and it is my aim to build upon that.  I got my first IT qualification when i was 15 years old and before i even finished school. That’s over 21 years ago.

Follow me online or contact me to setup a meeting, or skype call. I have numerous international clients, and i work in freelancing teams to help finish big projects all over the world.

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