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  • No down-time and no scarring.

  • Treatment for legs and facial spider veins


What is radio frequency vein removal technology?

Radio frequency vein removal is a minimally invasive treatment that uses radio frequency energy to cauterize (burn) and close abnormally enlarged veins in the legs, a condition called varicose veins. Normally, blood circulates from the heart to the legs via arteries and back to the heart through veins. Veins contain one-way valves which allow blood to return from the legs against gravity. If the valves leak, blood pools in leg veins which can become enlarged or varicose. Endovenous ablation is an image-guided procedure that uses heat generated by radiofrequency energy to seal off these faulty vessels, diverting blood flow immediately to nearby healthy veins. Both men and women are bothered by the appearance of body and facial spider veins. In the past electrocautery has been used to treat these veins but this modality often resulted in intolerable pain and sometimes scarring. The Veinaway Radio frequency removal machine has been used for the treatment of unwanted small and large veins up to 4 mm in thickness and a few treatments may be require to achieve an acceptable level of improvement. We plan our treatments carefully to ensure the best cosmetic outcome.

  • Treatment of all skin tags and lesions

    Removes all skin tags and cherry lesions effectively within minutes.

  • Effective treatment of facial veins as well as leg veins

    Immediate removal of all facial, feet or leg veins caused by standing long hours can be removed

What areas of the skin surface can be treated?

Virtually any area of the body that bothers you can be treated including facial areas such as around the cheeks and chin with speed and minimal discomfort.

  • Is Radio frequency Vein Removal safe?

    With the radio frequency treatment, there is minimal discomfort during the procedure that we try to minimize as best we can with our VeinAway cooling tip. After the procedure is over, there is no discomfort. The treated area may be red and somewhat swollen, and the area may be sensitive to very hot water for up to 48hours after the treatment. Uncommonly, a skin wound such as superficial blisters and scabs can occur, which heal within 2 days to 14 days. Use of antibiotic ointment on a regular basis usually results in uneventful healing. There is a <0.5% possibility of a skin wound leaving behind a permanent scar in extreme cases. Small scabs may occur which will heal within 14 days. Bruises are temporary and resolve in approximately 24 - 48 hours.

  • Can all skin types be safely treated with radio frequency Vein removal?

    Due to its unique design and longer wavelength, the VeinAway radio frequency vein removal machine is one of the only radio frequency treatment machinces on the market that can treat men and women of all skin types 1 to 4 safely and effectively.



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